Current Projects

Below is a list of our current projects and expansion opportunities.

Your donation will help support these projects:

  • HOPE Childrens Centre, Uganda
  • Ruruma Primary School, Tanzania
  • Msui Village, Tanzania
  • A Favor del Nino, Mexico
  • Imbabi Vocational Training Center, Tanzania
  • Maria Troncatti School, Ecuador
  • Love of God Pentecostal Church, Kenya
  • Better Days Tomorrow, Kenya
  • Kibasilla Secondary School, Dar Es Saleem Tanzania
Expansion Opportunities:
  • Escuela Nueva Manitoba, Mexico
  • Impact International, Sierra Leone
  • Resource Exchange International, Vietnam and Indonesia
  • Pillatre School, Haitian Christian Ministries, Haiti
  • Eternal Family Project, Honduras
  • Mankranso Junior and Senior High, Kumasi, Ghana
  • Christeve Independent School, Nigeria
  • Empathy for Orphan Children, Uganda
  • Wings of Hope Rescue Home, Kenya
  • Oletepesi, Kajiado, Kenya
  • Faith Impact, Kenya
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